Xyleco, Inc. Ranked Second in IEEE’s Annual 2017 Global Patent Power Rankings For Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

December 13, 2017

On December 13, 2017, IEEE Spectrum magazine published its annual ranking of the intellectual property portfolios of the top 6,000 companies spanning 18 major industries around the world. In each industry, the top 20 companies are ranked with a score that reflects the value and importance of each company’s intellectual property.

Xyleco’s score of 1038 ranked second in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals industry, just a short distance behind Johnson & Johnson, ranking Xyleco as having a powerful intellectual property portfolio.

Bar graph of patents in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals industry

Although Xyleco has a very large patent portfolio in chemicals (so much so that we thought we would mention the omission of this ranking), the company was not considered in the Chemical industry. If it had been, its score would have made it the number one ranked company in the world in that industry – well ahead of Dow Chemical which was ranked first in that category with a score of 925.

Bar graph of of patents in the Chemical industry

Taking all 6,000 companies analyzed across all 18 industries worldwide, Xyleco was ranked as having the 56th most powerful intellectual property portfolio.

The rankings published in IEEE Spectrum Magazine can be found at the following websites:

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