Xyleco’s Intellectual Property Portfolio Now Exceeds 5,000 Patents and Patent Applications

April 9, 2018

Wakefield, MA – April 9, 2018 — Xyleco, Inc., a privately held science and manufacturing company, today announced that it has exceeded 5,000 patents and patent applications globally.

Xyleco’s expanding intellectual property portfolio is driven by its continuing rapid innovation in technologies that obtain sugars from non-food waste biomass and use these sugars in nearly every industry to produce a wide range of important products, including fuels, materials, sweeteners and other food products, chemicals and chemical intermediates.

About Xyleco:

Xyleco is the world’s leading expert in unlocking the potential of non-food biomass.

The company has world-class research and development laboratories, as well as a pilot production facility on 5 acres alongside Route 95 in Wakefield, MA, where the company innovates and demonstrates its cellulosic technology. It also has a commercial plant facility on a 162-acre campus in Washington State, as well as an engineering office in Houston, TX.

Xyleco’s global intellectual property portfolio exceeds 5,000 patents and applications in 100 countries worldwide.
Xyleco’s Board of Directors includes three Nobel prize winners in science (chemistry and physics), a senior professor in chemical engineering at MIT, a former U.S. Secretary of Energy and a former Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest oil company.

More information about Xyleco can be found at www.xyleco.com.