Board of Directors

Marshall Medoff, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Xyleco, Inc.

Marshall Medoff

  • Company Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer
  • Inventor of Xyleco’s technologies and patent portfolio of over 5,500 patents and applications
For several decades, I have dedicated my energy to the vision of increasing the world’s available resources by reaching the sugars in biomass and using them to inexpensively house, feed, medicate, clothe and provide clean energy, and the other necessaries; all to be produced in a 21st century sustainable industrial revolution.

I am overwhelmed and filled with joy that I have been able to achieve my vision.

Robert C. Armstrong, member of the Board of Directors

Robert C. Armstrong

  • Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering and Former Department Chair at MIT (1996-2007)
  • Director of the MIT Energy Initiative
Xyleco has created a truly transformative suite of technologies to enable biomass to sustainably and affordably meet a broad range of human needs for fuels, food, and materials. These technologies are underpinned by stunning, fundamental science and demonstrated by careful, innovative process engineering.

Steven Chu, member of Xyleco's Board of Directors

Steven Chu

  • Professor of Physics and Molecular and Cellular Physiology at Stanford
  • Former United States Secretary of Energy
  • Nobel Prize in Physics (1997)
Xyleco’s technology has tremendous potential for greatly increasing the sustainable applications of biomass.

Sir John S. Jennings, member of Xyleco's Board of Directors

Sir John S. Jennings

  • Former Group-Managing Director of Royal Dutch/Shell Group; Chairman of the Shell Transport and Trading Company and Director of Shell Oil
Xyleco’s technology will be seen as one of the most important industrial developments of the past 100 years - not only because of its benefit to human welfare but also because of its contribution to the achievement of a more sustainable world.

Mario J. Molina, member of Xyleco's Board of Directors

Mario J. Molina

  • Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry, UC San Diego
  • Three-time Member of the U.S. President’s Council on Science and Technology
  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1995)
Our ethical principles imply that we should all embrace a commitment to the welfare of future generations. Xyleco’s technology represents a crucial step in this direction; it represents a wonderful example of scientific and technical innovation that will greatly facilitate the much-needed transition to sustainable development.

William J. Perry, member of Xyleco's Board of Directors

William J. Perry

  • Senior Fellow and Professor of Engineering at Stanford
  • Former United States Secretary of Defense
Over the last few decades, the founder of Xyleco has invented and perfected a unique and highly patented process that can significantly increase the amount of useful resources available. This process economically and safely converts biomass to sugar, which in turn can be made into a wide variety of valuable products, including food, fuel, medicine and environmentally-friendly plastics. For more than a decade, Xyleco has demonstrated this process in the laboratory, and in the last few years, in a medium-scale manufacturing facility. The process is now ready for large-scale manufacturing and mass marketing.

Richard R. Schrock, member of Xyleco's Board of Directors

Richard R. Schrock

  • Frederick G. Keyes Professor of Chemistry at MIT
  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2005)
As a chemist, I am extremely impressed with Xyleco’s ability to extract chemicals and natural products on a large scale and in a high yield from cheap and abundant biorenewable sources.

George P. Shultz, member of Xyleco's Board of Directors

George P. Shultz

  • Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford Distinguished Fellow
  • Former United States Secretary of State, Treasury, Labor, and Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Xyleco is pointing the way toward a better energy future — one that is cleaner and less expensive.