Xyleco Product Examples

A mosaic of examples of end products from Xyleco's process: Sugar spilled on a table, a plastic water bottle, construction material, a cow looking hungry, a perfume bottle, and gas pumps.

Sugars can be used to make a wide range of important products.

However, the use of sugars obtained from foods to manufacture non-food products has serious ethical and environmental issues raised by diverting food resources, such as sugarcane and corn.

For example, in the United States alone, over 90 million tons of corn sugar is used to produce ethanol fuel each year – conservatively enough to satisfy the annual minimum caloric requirements of 400 million people.

Xyleco’s Natural Force® technology allows products to be made from sugars obtained from non-food biomass. This provides considerable benefits for humanity. To learn more about the impacts of Xyleco’s Natural Force® technology, click here.

These products impact nearly every industry, including:


Sweeteners, preservatives, additives, alcohols, sugars, polyols, organic acids, including natural sugar drawn in ratio

Animal Nutrition

Livestock feed, fertilizers, pesticides

Health and Nutrition

Cosmetics, detergents, plastics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical-dental products, disinfectants


Sustainable, degradable plastics, food packaging, beverage bottles, fibers, fabrics, composites, compositions

Building and Construction

Paints, resins, siding, coatings, varnishes, plastics, carpeting, tubing, seals

Energy and Transportation

Liquid fuels, oxygenates, anti-freeze, corrosion inhibitors