An overhead shot of 3 employess in an engineering office

Xyleco’s success is driven by its talented, highly educated and creative workforce.

Employment at Xyleco offers many advantages, including:

  • An exciting work environment with a friendly team atmosphere
  • Talented co-workers
  • Industry leading equipment and facilities
  • Excellent salary and benefits, including health, dental, life, disability and vision insurance
  • Gourmet food daily from our kitchens
  • An emphasis on work-life balance
  • A global technology that will present world-wide work opportunities

To support Xyleco’s strong growth, Xyleco needs skilled people in every area:

  • Chemists, microbiologists, biochemists and physicists;
  • Chemical, mechanical, electrical, controls, and process engineers; and
  • Business professionals including accounting, finance, public relations, marketing, business development, supply chain, human resources and legal

If you are an exceptional and talented person who is interested in working on exciting breakthrough technologies that will significantly improve the world’s environment and provide extraordinary benefits for humanity including food, clothing, housing, medicines and energy, please visit us on LinkedIn to see current job postings.

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